Ancestors II


61 x 100 cm

After 5 years of painting imagery and stories inspired by her Aboriginal culture, Sarrita has decided to express some of the more universal concepts and philosophies taught to her by her father, the late William King. In this first series ‘Connections’, Sarrita has focused on 3 iconic elements of our world that all people can connect with and use to connect with one another, regardless of their race or culture. The Sun, Our Land and Ancestors are understood by all mankind and hold a significant importance to everyone.

This ‘Ancestors’ painting, is layered with dots. Markings made on the land over thousands of years can be seen entangled with patterns covering the land today, such as sand hills, flora and paths made by humans and animals. Beneath the land are the waterways which have been virtually constant over time feeding the land, the flora, fauna and humans.  These are the same waterways that supplied our ancestors which are now one with the land.