Gallery Curator

As a Curator, I let the Art and Artists I discover, guide me into a narrative. This narrative is the first step to designing an exhibition of visual storytelling. Curators must walk through the exhibition space as the visitor would, discovering relationships between the Art.

The restraints of an Artspace often provide an opportunity. An awkward dead-end becomes an intimate nook, with a luminous Art in surprising detail.

Artworks can often have differing needs, some may be quite and provide the visitor with a moment of stillness. Other Art demands your attention and it’s own space.

In future, I would like to collaborate with Galleries and Museums to create interactive elements for the visitors, whether that be a sensory experience or an evolving artwork open to the public. I admire Yoko Ono’s exhibition at the MCA in Sydney that shone a light on humans traits. “Art that makes you reflect on your actions and thought patterns, is very worthy.’

This series titled “Faded’ by Artist Kelvin Mui, that featured in my Australian Art Collection 2012, struck this worthy cord. Mui photographs incense smoke in his studio, creating a library of smoke images, from which he delicately constructed the endangered creatures. The concept being that these animals are fading from our lives, knowingly at our hand. The creatures glow from the inky black and our image is reflected back at us.


Kelvin Mui - Faded Serise - Photography of Smoke Art

Kelvin Mui – Faded Series – Photography of Smoke – Digitally crafted into endangered species.

Art Consultant

I listen to the client whether they are looking for art for a particular space in their home or office / boardroom. Do we have budget restraints? Most of us do. The client may have an Artist or painting style in mind.

What I provide is ethical sourcing of high-quality Art from my connections that I have forged over more than a decade of buying and selling in the Art industry. I have experienced the commercial Art markets highs and lows in.

Quality and unique Art retains its value. Art can vary in price given the different stages of an Artists career: emerging, established or an Investment Artist.

If you are looking for beautiful Art to lift a room and you have a conservative budget, I have a range of Art giclee printed on canvas and ready to hang. The Giclee Art is a great option for clients as ordered to a custom size.



Art Talks

A motivation for working with Aboriginal Art is that it give my clients access to Aboriginal philosophy and culture via beautiful paintings. Art is a great vehicle for healing. This industry has become a lifeline for Aboriginal communities to self-sustain. It’s an industry that promotes and values Indigenous cultural identity.

1 example: Tingari Songlines: Knowledge mapped in songs past down generation to generation over thousands of years.  Songlines is Australia’s birthmark of survival that criss-crosses this ancient continent. These are the survival stories from hero’s and how that navigated the land by stars, their experiences as the traveled, knowledge illustrated in Art and recorded in rhythm and song.

These notions are so poetic and beautiful, don’t you want to know more?



Seattle XChange Gallery, 42 Paintings by 32 Australian Indigenous Artists 2014 – 17